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No two people have the same goals, vision or wanted outcomes as another. YOU are the Painter of YOUR Vision.

Because we are all different, it also means that we are all at a different stage of our own path in life.

Each of us needs to define exactly where we are, where we are going and to get a plan in place to get there.

We don't need to know how we are going to get there, but we do need to know where "THERE" is!

Act AS IF what you do makes a difference. It does. -William James

My Topics

The Mind

We are born with a brain and a mind READY for development. And then we FAIL to use this tool to our best interests, allowing it to run like a wild horse on the prairie.

Learning about our mind gives us the ability and understanding to Plan, create a Vision, overcome Fear, gain Awareness and the ability to create the life we want to LIVE!

The Conscious

This "part" of our mind has been called "the guardian to the subconscious". Nothing gets to our subconscious until it is passed to it consciously.

Once we understand how to use our conscious mind, the right way, we are able to start making the changes we need to make to start moving towards, and finally attaining, the lifestyle and life we want.

The Subconscious

Our Subconscious is the software, running in the background, that runs our life. It's the explanation behind WHY you do WHAT you do and WHY you get the RESULTS you get in life.

To change our outcomes and our results, we have to change the software our subconscious is running on.


Earl Nightingale discovered that the secret to change is that "We become what we think about".

Being aware of what we are thinking and whether those thoughts are beneficial or detrimental to our life is an intrinsic part of change. Our job is to learn to alter the detrimental and negative thinking, to positive and beneficial thinking.


A paradigm is a set of beliefs. Those beliefs are what we have accepted throughout our life as truths and what we base our actions and thoughts on.

The paradigm you have is a part of the software that runs your life, so changing the paradigm changes the outcomes and results.


Having a Vision for life is no mere wish - it is a plan that requires action and commitment.

Few of us create a crystal clear vision of how we want our future to be.


Until we set goals to aim for, we are wandering through life without a certain end. By setting goals we have something to aim for and, more importantly, we have a direction to aim for, a specific outcome or result.

Many of us have dreams. Some of us have goals. A smaller number get those written down.

Self Awareness

We don't wake up and suddenly think, "I need to get some self awareness"! It's a choice and a want - it's that pull that says, "There's something that I need to know to improve my life".

Becoming aware allows us to see and hear what we are telling ourselves, how we behave and react. It gives us an insight into what we should change, to get the results and outcomes we want.


Strategy means to create a plan and prioritise what's important for achieving goals.

We can't get anywhere without a plan. Even if we don't know the "How" to start with, it has a tendency to appear.

To create a strategy we must first have GOALS and a VISION .

It's not what happens. It's what you DO about it. - Jim Rohn

We All Need Help to Realise What We Want Most.

Hi! I'm Christos Harrison.

I help my clients reach their full potential and overcome obstacles by teaching them how their mind works and working with them to create a plan to achieve their goals.

Together, we develop strategies to get unstuck and achieve the results you desire.

I work with individuals who are seeking to transform their lives.

My clients come to me with the knowledge that change is possible, but they often lack the tools and guidance to make it happen.

They are determined to improve their outcomes and results, but they don't know where to begin.

That's where I come in.

My role is to help my clients navigate the complex terrain of personal growth and development.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, I help them identify their goals and map out a path to achieve them.

Together we work out the strategies and techniques you need to create lasting change in your life, empowering you to take control of your own outcomes.

I've found that my clients feel empowered by taking control of their own outcomes and unlocking their full potential, transforming their lives in ways they never thought possible.

We all feel frustrated at some point in our lives with the life we have. I know that frustration.

If you are feeling stuck, that you know there is a better way to live, but you don't know how to get "there", THAT's the frustration I'm talking about!

Because I've been there, get it and learned over years the key to making the change.

Christos Harrison at

Frustration leads to clarity. You've got to get frustrated about living in a fog and wanting to find a way out of it, to have that drive and motivation to make the change.

The challenge is to be willing to work through the fear of change and awareness.

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