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No single person in this world has the same goals, vision or wanted outcomes as another. You are the Painter of your Vision.

Up to this point you may not have known it, BUT, You DO create the life you have through the choices you make.

Your past, your present, your future.

And because we are all different, it also means that we are all at a different stage of our own path to change.

That means that each of us requires a different approach to get to where we want to get to. Whatever the goal, result or achievement we want and, should be, aiming for, it’s all possible – IF you THINK it is!

My part is to help you realise that – through understanding how your mind works, why you do what you do and how to go about getting the results you want.

"Act AS IF what you do makes a difference. It does."

William James

These are some of the areas I cover


This is my passion, why I do what I do.

It’s the explanation behind why you do what you do and why you get the results you get in life.


Having a Vision for life is no mere wish – it is a plan that requires action and commitment.

Few of us create a crystal clear vision of how we want our future to be.


Strategy means a plan and a way to carry it out.

We can’t get anywhere without a plan. Even if we don’t know the “How” to start with, it has a tendency to appear.


Motivation is something that we have when we are working on something we are passionate about, believe in and have a vested interest in.

Few people are able to say that they have motivation.

Self Improvement

Making a change for the better is self improvement. The challenge is being aware that the change is needed and willing to make that change.

Not everyone is willing to take that path.

Self Awareness

We don’t wake up and suddenly think, “I need to get some self awareness”!

It’s a choice and a want – it’s that pull that says, “There’s something that I need to know to improve my life”.


Fear is a word that covers several fears that we deal with daily – all of them living in the depths of our mind, in the deep subconscious.

Becoming aware of our fears is the start to overcoming them.


There are 2 types of confidence – environmental and total.

With self awareness we gain total confidence. This is not blind arrogance. It is an understanding.

The Mind

We are born with a brain and a mind ready for development. And then we fail to use this tool to our best interests, allowing it to run like a wild horse on the prairie.

Learning about our mind gives us the ability and understanding to Plan, create a Vision, overcome Fear, gain Awareness and the ability to create the life we want to LIVE!

"It's not what happens. It's what you DO about it."

Jim Rohn

I am Christos Harrison,
and I Help the Frustrated Build Their Dreams.

I know that this is quite a general term because we all feel frustrated at some point in our lives with the life we lead.

If you are feeling stuck, that you know there is a better way to live but you don’t know how, THAT’s the frustration I’m talking about!

Frustration is what leads to clarity. You've got to get frustrated about living in a fog and wanting to find a way out of it, to have that drive and motivation to make the change.

The challenge is to be willing to work through the fear of change and awareness.

Signature Harrison

What Clients Are Saying

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