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A man in a filed, with his arms outstretched to the side - From Disbelief to Belief: Unlocking the Secret to Success -

From Disbelief to Belief: Unlocking the Secret to Success

The Art of Disbelief During my time in the army, I had wondered how certain people got promoted as fast as they had. There were plenty of theories and opinions, but I wanted to know the truth behind it. I asked one of my superiors who told me there was a “secret” to it; he […]

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Intuition – The Whisper in your Mind

What is Intuition? I’ve always believed in intuition. The most common mention of using this word is “Mothers intuition”, when it comes to their children. Some say that it’s because of the connection that a mother builds with their child during the pregnancy period. It also happens with fathers, but, less heard of. My first […]

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The Fallacy of Luck

Is Luck Real? In his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Daniel Kahneman indicates with a formula, that success is the result of talent plus luck (S=T+L). Professor Richard Wiseman, who published “The Luck Factor”, looks at luck from a more practical perspective. Where as Kahneman gives luck its usual mythical substance, some “thing” that can […]

Unlocking the Power of Discipline in Your Life -

Unlocking the Power of Discipline in Your Life

Make a Decision and Act Throughout my life I had always thought that I was disciplined. I’d had this idea, this notion, that I was able to put my mind to something and get it done. But, in between, I had found that I was stalling. Procrastination was setting in. I would not do what […]

The faces of Confidence -

The Faces of Confidence

How Confident are You? The ability to achieve something or not is, in part, because, of one trait in our character. It’s a part of our attitude, towards the world we see and towards ourselves, that separates a winner from a loser, success and perceived failure. That trait is what we call confidence. Personally, I […]