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The concept of Fear -

The Concept of Fear – Unmasking our Greatest Obstacle

An Overview of Fear The word fear itself makes you worry and anxious or excited and exhilarated. Depends on your perception. For most of us, however, it’s the single most reason why we never achieve what we want to achieve. Fear, however, is a concept, an idea. Most people are stopped by this one word […]

How Mindfulness is related to our Conscious Thoughts - post at

How Mindfulness is related to our Conscious Thoughts

Being mindful of our thoughts Mindfulness has been at the forefront of my mind this past week, mainly because of something I heard on the radio at the beginning of last week. It got me thinking as to what mindfulness actually is. The Google definition is: What interests me about mindfulness is not the meditative […]

The Power of Belief in Manifestation - post at

The Power of Belief in Manifestation

Understanding the mechanism of belief In everything I’ve read to date, there is the underlying requirement, a caveat, that in order for something to manifest in our lives, to come into our life, we have to believe in it. Belief is a necessity. Or is it? I once read a comment under a YouTube video. […]

The Relation between Knowledge and Power - post at

The Relation between Knowledge and Power

How Knowledge Leads to Self Empowerment There’s an old saying that “Knowledge is Power”. In that case, it is likely that someone intended it for manipulation; when someone knows something about someone that the person is trying to keep secret, it gives them leverage.. That, however, is not the way to live. That leverage can […]

The Fear Of Failure -

The Fear of Failure

When failure becomes another’s fear Stepping out of the so-called “norm” can be a stressful, worryful and opinionated time, one of risk and possible failure. Not just for the one making that step, but, for others as well. Yes, you may begin to stress and worry, but, once you have taken the decision to take […]