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Unlocking the Power of Discipline in Your Life

Make a Decision and Act Throughout my life I had always thought that I was disciplined. I’d had this idea, this notion, that I was able to put my mind to something and get it done. But, in between, I had found that I was stalling. Procrastination was setting in. I would not do what […]

The faces of Confidence - christosharrison.com

The Faces of Confidence

How Confident are You? The ability to achieve something or not is, in part, because, of one trait in our character. It’s a part of our attitude, towards the world we see and towards ourselves, that separates a winner from a loser, success and perceived failure. That trait is what we call confidence. Personally, I […]

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The Self-Image

Who do you think you are? Most of us have something about ourselves that we don’t like. A bit of extra weight, wrinkles, grey hair or no hair as examples. Those are the obvious parts, what we and others are able to see and something we can usually do something about. Then there’s the part […]

How Mindfulness is related to our Conscious Thoughts - post at christosharrison.com

How Mindfulness is related to our Conscious Thoughts

Being mindful of our thoughts Mindfulness has been at the forefront of my mind this past week, mainly because of something I heard on the radio at the beginning of last week. It got me thinking as to what mindfulness actually is. The Google definition is: What interests me about mindfulness is not the meditative […]

Letting Go and Trusting the Process - post at christosharrison.com

Letting Go and Trusting the Process

Can you really let go? I have written about this topic, letting go, before. But this time it was personal. I should say, this time I was aware of it. It was a psychosomatic matter. It’s quite an experience when I’m the one that lectures on how the mind works. I know how I should […]